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Woodpecker Bioenergy Pvt Ltd was seeded by a group of entrepreneurs with a thorough understanding of Biomass energy. The founders of Woodpecker Bioenergy Pvt Ltd provide economical and environmental friendly plantation processing solutions to many paper and pulp industries. This includes the Indian division of International Paper, USA, the largest paper manufacturers in the world. As part of the business, Woodpecker Bioenergy constantly searches for new synergies and collaborations with leading industries and technology providers around the world. The much needed Bio-Pelleting technology is brought to India with an aim to make Bio-Pellet energy a “frontline” choice for industrial and commercial users, in exactly the same way that they currently consider conventional fossil fuels.

The operations in Woodpecker Bioenergy Pvt Ltd’s facility is run by experienced and motivated engineers from reputed institutions like VIT Vellore and IIT Kharagpur. Our core team consists of technical experts from various fields and the work force are trained by our European partners in the production of Bio-Pellets.


The cornerstone of Woodpecker Bioenergy's supply chain is our SCADA based, data driven and completely automated wood pellet production plant in Menakuru, APIIC, Nellore (Andhra Pradesh). The technology is sourced form Münch Edelstahl (Germany) for the pellet line, Swiss Combi (Switzerland) for biomass drying and Comerk (Poland) for automation, and material preparation from Rematek (Germany). All the pellets that are produced, meet or exceed the European quality standard. To ensure this, our production runs are sampled every month.

The factory covers 5 acres and includes the main pellet production plant, producing 36000 tonnes of pellets per annum, along with log yard facilities. All of our raw materials comes from sustainable and responsibly managed sources in the local area around the plant.

Mission & Vision

At Woodpecker Bioenergy we’re passionate about connecting green fuel sources to energy consumers. Our mission is to help them to switch away from fossil fuels to green fuels and decrease their carbon foot print in an economically sensible way.

By delivering best practice, creativity and a high quality service to the customer and also by ensuring each customer receives the same high standards, it is our vision to become India’s leading provider in renewable energy sphere.


The first and foremost commitment of Woodpecker Bioenergy's business is toward's sustainability, as stated in our mission. We connect biomass sources to energy consumers, to improve the environmental profile of energy generation. This must happen at every level of operation, procurement and production. How we do business today has a direct effect on the health of a planet.

Our strong investment in sustainable business practices are not only more likely to improve efficiency and increase profits for our clients, but also assist in the preservation of the environment and the reduction of carbon emissions. This also sets their business apart from their competitors who want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business. This model will likely appeal to a larger global consumer base, attract new customers, while simultaneously increasing their brand loyalty. An opportunity arises to influence future business operations and become a leader in their industry.