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Welcome to Woodpecker Bioenergy Pvt Ltd

A green energy company in India,
focused on a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuel combustibles

The Future

A source that is good for the environment, future generations and to provide economic benefits by delivering individual concepts to our commercial, residential and industrial clients

The Package

The design, fabrication and installation of pellet based burners and boilers along with the supply of pellet fuel holistically in place of fossil fuel burning systems.


Carbon neutral, clean, compact with high energy density. Well suited for variation in heat demand and can work on auto ignition in pellet burning.

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Developed for burning Bio-Pellets and are tested for reliability and high technical parameters. They are maintenance free and self cleaning.

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Comprehensive and holistic design, fabrication and installation of pellet-based boiler systems (output few kgs to multiple tons)

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Ministry of New And Renewable Energy India

At New Delhi, India during the workshop organized by Ministry of New And Renewable Energy India in collaboration with Global Environment Facility (GEF), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

We understand
The Paris Climate Agreement

Climate change is the death of progress and prosperity. Doing nothing about it is simply bad investment in the future”. The shape of the new economy is clear : it’s clean, green and prosperous, and i encourage all of you to get on board.
- Patricia Espinosa, UN Climate chief.

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