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Flexible Business Solution

Woodpecker Bioenergy`s collaboration with QCon, Eco Palnik and Thermodynamica S.A. provides us with their complete range of products and solutions. So, there’s an excellent chance we have a solution to your heating needs, whether you are an industrial, commercial or residential operator. Ranging from small bakery/cooking/laundry units, to large processing industries in need of conversion from fossil fuel to renewable and sustainable pellet fuel. The output of these burners and boilers range from a few KW to multiple MW. Well built and dependable, Eco-Palnik and Thermodynamica S.A. has roots in Europe where pellet energy technologies have been fully developed. Both companies have invested thousands of hours in evolving the advanced design and capabilities in Burners, Boilers and Stoves to a point where their products are very efficient, clean burning and built to last.

Woodpecker Bioenergy operates using several business models, designed to accommodate various customer preferences while delivering optimal flexibility. We work with our customer to first understand their perspective and develop approaches that fit the unique parameters of their operations. The service details of our energy solutions are agreed separately with each customer.

Converting fossil fuel system

Woodpecker Bioenergy`s conversion of existing fossil fuel system, on energy contract basis, involves investment in energy production facilities using the turnkey principle. The total capex on energy equipment like burners and boilers will be borne by Woodpecker Bioenergy Pvt Ltd. The client only pays for the fuel they use for energy generation. The pellet boiler provided by Woodpecker Bioenergy will be on continuous operation while the existing conventional boiler (fossil fuel) can be kept as an auxiliary/emergency boiler. The savings to the customer will be nearly 30% cheaper compared to diesel oil and LPG, without any investment on capital expenditure.

Fuel Supply

Woodpecker Bioenergy Bio-Pellets are carbon neutral, clean and compact with high energy density. It is well suited for variation in heat demand, and can work on auto ignition (pellet burning and boiler appliances). They are more economical (per unit energy) compared to heating oil, diesel and LPG. After combustion of Bio-Pellets, very small quantity of ash is generated, which can be used as a fertiliser for plants. If the customer intends to buy only pellet fuel, we can supply the same with fixed price on long term basis.

Equipment Supply

Woodpecker Bioenergy provides complete solution and equipment (boilers & burners) to the customers if they intend to purchase with their own capital expenditure and also takes the responsibility of supply of bio pellet fuel on long term basis and mutual agreed price.

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