We Provide Bio-Pellet Boilers

Woodpecker Forest Pvt Ltd provide Bio-Pellet based boilers, in collaboration with its partner Qucon Boilers Pvt. Ltd. Qucon is known for its excellence in manufacturing and exporting steam boilers. With over three decades of experience in handling various types of boilers, We provide a comprehensive and holistic solution by designing, fabrication and installing pellet-based boiler systems along with the supply of pellet fuel. The output of these boilers ranges from a capacity of few kgs to multiple tons. The supplied Bio-Pellet boilers are sustainable, eco-friendly, maintenance free and reliable in operation.

Our focus is on conversion from conventional fossil fuels heating to biomass pellet heating, which is more economical in nature. Woodpecker Forest Pvt Ltd integrates pellet burners for new boilers and for modernisation of existing heating installations, without a necessity of introducing costly changes to the current installation. In this process of conversion, we integrate Bio-pellet burners (Eco-Palnik & Kombi) to boilers with capacities of 1 tonne and below. For boiler capacities above 1 tonne, we supply fluidised bed combustion (FBC) boilers for the process energy.