We Provide Bio-Pellet Burners

Woodpecker Forest Pvt Ltd in partnership with Eco-Palnik and Kombi (Thermodynamiki S.A.), provide Bio-Pellet based burners, integrated to the boilers ranging from few KW to multiple MW to generate hot water, steam, hot air and heat generators for processing.

Eco-Palnik and Kombi (Thermodynamiki S.A.) burners are the most technologically advanced burners in the world today. They are developed for burning Bio-Pellets and are tested in all conditions, especially those requiring reliability and high technical parameters. They are maintenance free, self cleaning with steel furnace, and have movable grate (Eco-Palnik) and retort (Kombi). The installation of these pellet burners significantly reduces the fuel costs compared to oil fired burners. These burners can be installed in new furnaces or while modernising existing ones


The company has developed the highest quality burners available at an affordable price. At the same time they are functional, maintenance-free and reliable in operation. The range is 16 KW to 1000 KW.

20-40 kW
16-42 kW
20-80 kW
100-1000 kW
20-40 kW


Thermodynamiki S.A (Greece) is one of the most dynamically involved companies in the retort heating (hot air, warm air, hot water and steam) industry with an ongoing development of new products at affordable prices. Their range of pellet based retort burners starting from 35 KW to 500 KW. On special orders they can manufacture up to 4000 KW burners.